Nexus Points (Nexus Points Trilogy, Book 1): A Science Fiction Thriller

30 years after a viral outbreak that nearly wiped out the human race, the Continental State of Virgo has had to contend with extreme weather patterns and ever-shrinking personal water rations.

Dr. Kora Amelli, a young geneticist, stumbles upon evidence that the population’s genome has been systematically contaminated with mystery DNA, causing a brain disease that is silently plaguing millions of Virgoans, including herself, causing them to slowly go insane, or worse... 

In her quest for a cure for the DNA infection, Kora uncovers a sinister plot against the people of her world by a shadowy organization, an alliance that would stop at nothing to destroy those who stand in their way.

Against insurmountable odds, our unlikely heroine sets out to foil The Alliance’s plans and on her perilous journey discovers the fluid nature of consciousness and time, and how the choices she makes at key junctures in her life, Nexus Points, fit into the universe’s complex equations that shape the ever-morphing future of her world.


Nexus Points - Metamorphosis (Nexus Points Trilogy, Book 2)

After a crushing defeat, The Alliance strikes back at our heroine with new technological threats and overwhelming force. Exiled and infected with a mysterious nanite, Kora must learn to forge unwonted allegiances in a foreign, hostile land where the rule of law does not apply. 

In her fight for survival, Kora journeys through space and time to uncover secrets of her past that would put to question everything she knows as a scientist about the very nature of human existence. With each new nexus point, Kora faces increasingly more difficult choices, leading to a metamorphoses that would transform her at all levels of her being.

Will Kora lose her sense of self or will she rise above her challenges and become the female warrior she’s destined to be? Find out in Nexus Points - Metamorphosis.