Chronicles of A Soul Watcher

The five-series saga tells the story of Alina, the Soul Watcher, although for those of you who’ve read the Nexus Points story, you'd know Alina is only a made-up name. Her true identity remains a mystery. 

In the Soul Watcher series, we follow Alina through space and time as her sojourn takes us to a not-so-distant galaxy, not unlike ours but with its own constellations, planetary systems, life forms, geo-politics, belief systems and of course, conflicts.  We are introduced to species more alien than you can imagine and technologies far beyond our comprehension.

Yet, despite the strangeness of it all, the stories themselves are surprisingly human- tales of love and loss, courage and struggle, triumph and despair. 

The Chronicles of A Soul Watcher series, in order of publication dates, will include:

Book I - III: Nexus Points (Book I & II currently available)

Book IV - VII: Game Makers (1 - 4)

Book VIII - X: Dark Angel

Book XI - XIII: Song of the Lord

Book XIV - XV: Game Makers (5 - 6)